All About the Good

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At GoodRobe, we’re all about the good.

Looking Good. Feeling Good. Doing Good.

More than simply an apparel company, our mission is to change women’s lives by helping them to create timeless, effortless wardrobes that they can thrive in. We make it easy for women to look their best and feel more confident so they can focus on the more important things in life. We are committed to empowering women because we ARE women. GoodRobe & Co. is 100% woman owned, led and inspired.

We also understand that fashion fixes don’t work. One-off outfits are a waste of time, money and energy. We believe in building a sustainable, intentional wardrobe that works for you instead of you working for it. It’s time to ditch the fix and get the solution.

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Looking Good

Good is in the details. Every GoodRobe & Co. style is painstakingly designed to flatter and be a go-to staple that you can’t live without. They are the pieces that, even at your worst, you look and feel your best. Even better, from the beginning, these styles are created to mix and match for endless and effortless wardrobe options – making getting dressed a breeze.

We do this by focusing on updated, classic styles that are made in seasonless, comfortable fabrics and offered in colors that are wearable and timeless. And, because we are a direct-to-consumer brand, we are able to provide high-quality clothing at affordable prices. GoodRobe & Co. is an investment you can feel good making.

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Feeling Good

When you look good, you feel good and feeling good is empowering. We know that empowered women do AMAZING things for themselves, their families and for society.

So, what does feeling good mean when it comes to your wardrobe? To us, it means feeling more confident after putting our clothing on so we are ready to conquer the world – or at least get through another Zoom. It’s knowing that when you love one of our styles, it will come back in new colors and fabrics season after season. It’s going into your closet and effortlessly putting an outfit together. It’s the pride you feel for supporting a women-owned brand that gives back. It’s being part of a community and sisterhood. It’s knowing you did good.

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Doing Good

What more would you accomplish if you had more time to focus on what matters to you? What if you weren’t wasting time and money on your wardrobe? What good could you do?

Everyone has a different definition of doing good. For some it may be spending more quality time with family and friends. Maybe it’s an extra half hour on the treadmill (sorry). We’d like to think, for many of you, it’s achieving your life’s purpose and making a difference in the world. And we’d like to help.

For every GoodRobe and Co. purchase, we will be donating 5% of our net profit to give back and support other women with a donation to Dress for Success because we believe that there is nothing more important than reinvesting in women.

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“My passion is to share joy through fashion. I love the positive impact that looking good can have on people. It’s the greatest gift to be able to share what I’ve learned to empower others to look their best and feel confident so they can accomplish great things – to use fashion as a catalyst to unite women, inspire change and do some GOOD.”


About Our Founder

Jennifer has spent the last 30 years, both personally and professionally, as a student and lover of fashion. She’s held positions as an Apparel Buyer and Fashion Director for multiple retail chains as well as owning and curating her own boutiques called Bella & Bella’s Closet. She’s used her experience to study style trends and to crack the code on how to build an effortless (yet enviable) wardrobe. Through the years, she’s collected a library of her favorite and timeless go-to styles that are universally flattering to use as the inspiration and foundation of GoodRobe & Co. Her goal is to help other women with a formula for looking good that’s easy, sustainable and affordable so they can focus on more important things. You know? Like conquering the world.

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